“My Projects” (also known as “Wish Lists”) are a way for you to create groupings of products you select from our online store. A List or Project may be for a room in your house, or a client, or anything else. This same functionality can also be used to create a WishList of items for a birthday, holiday or special event (which you can then share with people if you want to).

If you register on our website, these lists are permanent and will remain part of your account. If you choose not to register with our website at this time you can still create Lists/Projects except cookies are used and your List/s will be erased after 30 days.

For registered users, you can “share” your List/Project using social media or email. This can be useful if you want your client or spouse/partner to look at the items you put into a list or if you simply want to send them to yourself for another reason.