Kioko Mwitiki

The Inspired Recyclings of Kioko Mwitiki

Kioko Mwitiki (Kenya) is one of the most renowned sculptors in East Africa. He is a self-taught pioneer of recycled scrap metal art and is best known for his huge life-size sculptures of animals.

Kioko is also a dedicated campaigner for wildlife welfare. He works closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service, who provide him with mile upon mile of rusted snare wires. Inflictors of untold animal misery, the snares are transformed into lion’s whiskers, camel’s eyelashes and a miniature cross-section of Kenya’s wildlife, the proceeds of which are ploughed back into training bands of disadvantaged youngsters, not only in the gentle art of ‘junk retail’, but also in the advantages to be gained from saving rather than snaring Kenya’s precious wildlife.

Kioko’s focus is not confined to animals: he also campaigns widely against the use of landmines by means of a traveling road show entitled ‘Living Metal’; he works with a number of Masai women’s groups, offering them new ways of using their traditional beading skills; and he offers design-input and ‘new ideas’ to Nairobi’s busy battalions of road-side artisans, whilst running regular creative workshops for the city’s slum dwellers.

A firm believer in taking his art to the people, Kioko also holds regular exhibitions both in the national parks and in ‘Maasailand’, where he recently transported (by means of low-loader and crane) a selection of 3-ton metallic elephants, man-sized vultures, massive porcupines, and assorted ‘bugs’ the size of tennis racquets. These he deposited on the soda-encrusted shores of the correspondingly surreal Lake Magadi, the southernmost lake in the Kenyan Rift Valley.

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