Larry Simons

I think of life as art. Everything we do from making dinner to packing for a trip to putting cheese on crackers can be done artistically. Just as having a sense of humor can mean being funny or enjoying others who are, being an artist can mean creating beauty or gathering and arranging beautiful objects created by others. Building and exhibiting a collection by selecting from the innumerable choices available is an art in itself. The thrill of the chase, travelling and buying, was the highlight of my career but most of my time was spent immersed in the rudiments of retailing such as bookkeeping, marketing and customer relations. Showcasing the treasures we collected served as an outlet for my creative energy and I feel that my art progressed as a result of my business related activities.
My fondness for the rustic is reflected in my lifestyle which includes living in an early period style house I designed and helped build on a piece of property I carved out of the woods to accommodate my earth-bound efforts at landscaping, stonework, poultry/game bird farming and forest management. As an importer of handcrafts and artifacts, antique Asian furniture and natural-dyed Oriental rugs, my business has meshed nicely with other aspects of my life having furnished me with the resources to constantly rearrange my surroundings to suit my evolving tastes.
Larry Simons lives with his wife and his flocks on 42 acres near Brattleboro, Vermont.